LifePrep.Tools Blog

  • Reflections

    When you see anyone’s face…what do you see? What should you see? Do you really see them?
  • The Truth Will Set You Free

    We should use the Word of God as the standard for truth. Ask yourself if what your hearing "holds up" against scripture. The Holy Spirit will stir in you to guide you in identifying Truth.
  • Are You Prepared for God's Blessing?

    Are you prepared to receive God's great blessing on your life?
  • Find Your Passion

    "But whatever you do..."
  • Is God Dragging You Outside Your Comfort Zone?

    Stepping outside of our comfort zones is what God desires for us. He doesn't call us to live a "practical" life. He wants us to experience a life in Him beyond anything we can imagine. He wants us to be big in our faith and "step out of the boat" when He stretches out His hand.
  • Create An Interruptible Life

    Have you ever been focused on a singular goal for a long period of time, only to be met with one INTERRUPTION after another?! Interruptions serve to make us stop what we are doing and adjust our "steps." While frustrating, God is in the interruptions. If we expect to have an encounter with God, we need to go into these "interruptions" with open eyes and heart. 
  • Confusing our Youth: Robots, Aliens & Natural Disasters

    Every generation’s youth has its own set of unique challenges. Our current generation of youth is faced with challenges like never before. 
  • Traditions Help Us Remember And Forget

    “Hold on a minute...did I just get ‘duped’ into feeding my children chocolate for breakfast?”
  • Why Me God? Why Now? Trusting God’s Promises

    We’ve all had times in our lives when we ask, “Why me God? Why Now?”.
  • God made the universe and everything in it - Acts 17:24

    It’s as though being outdoors makes us feel more connected to God. We witness His awesome creation and it strengthens our faith.
  • You Can’t Be a Rockstar In Your Own Hometown

    Have you ever noticed that sometimes those who know you well don’t expect you to be good at something?
  • Chewing on "Thanksgiving" Until the Flavor Is Gone

    Have you ever really considered the word "thanksgiving?" Have you chewed on it until the flavor was gone?