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The Caneloses love Jesus, their children, their families, those who share their journey and their country. The goal is to inspire you (and those around you) to Jesus and provide a way for you to 'Express Your Faith' through uplifting items, to prepare you to face life's peaks and valleys. LifePrep.Tools' goal is help customers and readers live their faith, out loud, and boldly minister for Christ.

founder of LifePrep.Tools

How did LifePrep.Tools begin?

The original concept for ‘Life Prep Tools’ started with an idea that our founder, Paul Canelos had in 2015. Paul (a systems engineer by trade) was fascinated with the idea of being able to find patterns of themes, numbers or words in the Bible. To do so, he digitized/relationalized the Bible to be able to access the information. After figuring that out, he discovered how Bible verses would correspond to each day of the calendar year, which inspired the idea for our ‘Bible Days’ Framed Art. At this point, Paul knew that he would have to wait until the technology caught up to the idea before he could effectively implement and deliver it to people everywhere. At long last, the technology caught up to the idea in 2019, so Paul formed Life Prep Tools, LLC.

Also in 2015, Paul’s wife Jen, (who is a creative marketer, designer and photographer by trade) felt called by God to begin a non-profit, faith-based ministry to encourage step moms. As a passion project, she was designing Bible verses on canvas and apparel, with the intention of providing quality inspirational products with messages that held meaning for step moms and Christian women. Her hope was that someday she would make these available to inspire women and those around them to Jesus.

Since Paul’s original concept in 2015, Jen’s ministries and designs in 2015 and business formation in 2019, Life Prep Tools, LLC has expanded greatly beyond the original vision. These expansions include many faith-inspired artistic and design ideas that Paul and his wife Jen created and made available to you.

"Every twist, turn and distraction on our journey led us to where we are today. We know we are far from perfect, but we do believe in having a real, intimate relationship with Christ. We want to share our passion for Jesus with everyone. Although we can’t reasonably give away these inspirational items because of our modest income (we didn’t quit our day jobs), we can certainly make them available for you to purchase and share, in hopes of inspiring you and those around you to a relationship with Jesus. We love to encourage others on their journeys."

The Canelos family is actively involved in their local church, local faith-based non-profits that are important to them and in Compassion International by sponsoring a child in Bolivia. Their Haitian child graduated from the program and they continue to pray for her. Their sponsored child in Bolivia goes to school every day and learns about Jesus. 

Although LifePrep.Tools is a for-profit business, they tithe a portion of their profits to Compassion International. They encourage you to join the fight for the world's children. Learn more by clicking the link above or the Compassion logo. 



Blessings from our family to yours!


Want to learn more about Jesus? Take a few minutes to watch this video: 

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Based in central Iowa U.S.A, we utilize print on demand technology to fulfill your orders. Our fulfillment and distribution facilities are in Charlotte, NC and in Los Angeles, CA. Here is an example of how we produce high quality Apparel, Gifts and Bible Verses Art using Print on Demand Technology: