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Komboloi - Wood & Stainless Steel
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Wood and Stainless Steel Greek Komboloi,  EDC, Skill Toy,  Every Day Carry,  Handmade Gift,  Worry Beads,  Masculine Gifts,  Greek Gifts, for Men,  EDC Fidget,  Fidget Toy, Fidget spinner, Fun Toys Adults,
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Komboloi - Wood & Stainless Steel

Komboloi - Wood & Stainless Steel

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Beads size/type: 10mm Wood and Stainless Steel
Beads count: 27 + 4 (27 on main loop and 4 on tails)
Cord: 2mm with a diamond knot
How to video: https://youtu.be/YAMV1MXUK2Q 

Do you want to have fun, ease your mind and improve dexterity? Try our Komboloi!

Note from our Craftsman:

Like Exodus 20:12 says: Honor your father and mother. Creating Komboloi is one way I honor my Greek parents and remember what God has done for us (Joshua 4:7). My goal is to carry forth an enjoyable ancient activity into the modern day, so it’s not forgotten!

This handmade Komboloi is carefully crafted using a 2mm cord and 10mm round wood & stainless steel beads. A stunning combination of artistic beauty and pleasing sound with a comforting look and feel. Truly functional art.

This Komboloi is handcrafted using 27 beads on the main loop, a diamond knot and four beads on the tails. Functional, balanced, unique and beautiful.

Our Komboloi are sized using traditional methods, so they will feel comfortable and familiar. Yet, because of the hand woven diamond knot, it is unique to how Kombologia are traditionally made.

Please keep in mind: Although our Komboloi photos are a great representation of what you will receive, the natural formation of gemstones will vary in each bead.

Why am I making Komboloi?

Besides honoring my Greek heritage … they’re a lot of fun. More people should know the joy of using one! 

I would like to encourage people to try a Komboloi, so I have offers for beginners at a great price, which are handmade with durable materials. I also offer more exotic Komboloi made with gemstones which are intended for people with more Komboloi experience. 

I’m confident that when you try our Komboloi, you will enjoy them as much as I do and you will be ready to level up to one made with more elaborate materials. Although a Komboloi with gemstones costs a bit more, I’m confident you’ll find them highly enjoyable. Examples include: Komboloi handmade with gemstones like Jasper or Agate. I have various types available in our web store and Etsy shop. Just click our shop link above to find them.

What Do I Know About Komboloi?

I am a first generation Greek who grew up in a traditional Greek family in the Boston area. As ‘life’ happened, I wound up landing in the midwestern United States. My parents raised me in Greek traditions and language. 

Since I was a boy, I've always been around Komboloi. In fact my father really enjoyed them. We had Komboloi everywhere around the house! Some of these komboloi were used for decoration and others were for people to fidget.

I've always found comfort in the sounds that a Komboloi makes. I love the calming clicks and clacks using the 'raindrop' method or while skillfully flipping and fidgeting with the Komboloi. Actually, I always keep mine in my front pocket. Having it feels like having an old friend with me … someone I look forward to seeing. 

  • You’ll like the unique rhythms and sounds. 

  • The look, feel and challenge of a Komboloi is pleasing. 

  • The Komboloi (also known as Greek worry beads) can help you forget your troubles.

  • Handling a Komboloi improves focus & creativity.

How Did I Get Started in this?

In 2021, I was looking for a Komboloi to purchase as a gift for my Father. Since he already had many Komboloi, I was looking for something unique. My goal was to find something that was unique in beauty with all natural and durable materials. I wanted something that was exceptionally capable as a Komboloi. I decided to make my own. 

To my suprise, the elegant simplicity of a Komboloi made with a durable diamond knot felt so smooth in my hands compared to a Komboloi made with metallic moving parts & tassels. I took time to test out my new creation.

After carrying, skillfully flipping and fidgeting with my komboloi for months on end, I realized it was unique and worthy of sharing. I thought others would enjoy this as much as I do, so I started giving them to family & friends (to spread the joy!). When I saw the excitement and enjoyment my family & friends were having, I decided to share further! Now, I’m offering them on my web & etsy stores. This is why you have the option of buying one too! I will do my best to offer you options that fit every budget.


You'll find that our handmade Komboloi has the perfect balance of beauty, size and weight. With it, you’ll be able to have fun, relax and relieve stress.

Care instructions

First, enjoy it!

Second, spend time fidgeting with it. Have some Feta with Bread and Olive oil, perhaps while sitting outside and visiting with someone, while enjoying nature and fidgeting with your Komboloi.

Gemstone Komboloi only: 

If you purchased a gemstone Komboloi, please remember that much like a cell phone, you want to avoid dropping it onto a hard surface or slapping the beads together with excessive force. Using it at a normal leisurely pace/speed is fine (as our demo video shows). A gemstone Komboloi is recommended for those with more experience.

I truly believe you will enjoy the handmade Komboloi. The way it feels, sounds and moves with a  strong cord and diamond knot is so smooth and gratifying compared to what you may have used in the past.

Why would you want a Komboloi?

They’re fun!

During good times, it's fun to have something to keep your mind and hands occupied. I find that my Komboloi helps me to focus and think at higher creative and abstract levels, almost in the same way music does.

During difficult times in life, I find that it helps to take things 'one minute' at a time. That's where the Komboloi comes in. I find that while I'm playing with my Komboloi, the time passes more pleasantly.

How to use a komboloi (watch our video too!)

I personally enjoy different ways of using my Komboloi. The following list is certainly not using any “official” terms. It’s a list of some fun names I use to describe my own methods of use. Most of these ‘moves’ and methods are ones that my father & uncles taught me.

Start with the first skill, since it’s the easiest. Then level up your skills by working your way down the list. You’ll find that mastering each skill helps you with achieving the next skill. (Watch our ‘how to’ video for details https://youtu.be/YAMV1MXUK2Q ).

1.0 The “Raindrop method”

Enjoy the soothing feel of the beads and the calming raindrop sounds

they make when you slowly release them.

2.0 The “Rhythm method”

Take the time to make rhythms with your Komboloi. Just hold some beads

Horizontally on each end of the loop and slide the beads back and forth until they


3.0 The “Greek Exclamation Point!” (aka the: Flip Method)

On many occasions my father would playfully argue with my uncles!
I always got a kick out of how my father would emphatically flip his komboloi so the beads would slap at the exact moment that he finished his loud and highly-opinionated argument!

4.0 The: “Palokatsikos!” (aka the: Spin method)

My uncle taught me this trick…My uncle would call himself the ‘Old Goat’ (Greek translation: Palio Katsikos)! Just spin the Komboloi under, then over your finger.

5.0 The: “Gyro Tow Arnaki” method

(Greek translation: “Spin the Lamb”).

Just flip the Komboloi forward, then back around then under and over your finger.

6.0 The ”Hauling water from the river with a donkey up the hill to the village” method.

Basically going ‘up hill’ from your pinky up to your index finger.

7.0 The “I’ll have one more ouzo!” method

Balance matters - bundle the beads as noted below.:

Make sure the end with the tails has one more bead than the other end.

(For 10mm beads which have 27 + 4: Put 12 beads on the main loop closest to the tails).

(For 12mm beads which have 23 + 4: Put 10 beads on the main loop closest to the tails).

Heavy end (tails) away from you.

Hold down with fingers slightly curled in towards you

Start by swinging up towards you a tad, then flipping up & away from you.

Hold on!...this move goes pretty fast.

Make sure to check out our ‘how to’ video for details! link here: https://youtu.be/YAMV1MXUK2Q 

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