Overcoming Fear With Faith

For the foreseeable future, we are looking at "life" differently. It was difficult not joining together as a family for Easter and Mother’s Day. This year is not going as we had hoped and it’s difficult to look too far ahead. We now take each day a minute at a time.

Our family recently had a discussion about fear … healthy vs unhealthy. We labeled the types of fear as organic vs manufactured. As we watch the news each day, we feel somewhat anxious about the next few months and what they may bring. We realize this fear is “manufactured” by what's going on in our world and how we obtain information, whether it be the media, social media or "the water cooler experts."

As believers, we should examine the “source” of fear and discern from a place of faith that manufactured fear is “worldly.” As a faith-filled believer with a faith-based world view, I read scripture to gain clarity. I know that healthy fear, from a godly standpoint, is "fear of God" or an organic/spiritual reverence for God. Knowing the difference between worldly and godly fear, allows me to step forward in hope with the trustful expectation, based on my faith experience, that my future is secured and satisfied by God.

LifePrep.tools started as a passion project … an expression of faith. It has turned into an “all for God’s glory” work of love that we long to share with the world at-large. Why launch the project now? During this time of fear and uncertainty, we invite you to join us on this journey of love for the Lord in an effort to live faith out loud and boldly with those around us. Living our faith unashamed allows us to build up hope and encourage others to overcome fear and anxiety manufactured by the world. We need to worship in the face of fear ... rejoice always!